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Fantastic little project. Well done. I did a short video. Feel free to use.

I so wanted to sit in front of the fire with a glass of wine.



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I really enjoyed this game! you always bring unexpected games to the web and i love it! would love to play more games like this! good job on creating this! :D

Thanks :)


Hey there, the game was pretty good. I quite liked the relaxing atmosphere inside the cabin, and exploring around was quite fun. 

The game looks beautiful, the art style is very pleasant and the warm and inviting atmosphere inside the cabin is lovely. 

I love just exploring around and taking everything in. All in all, the game was an interesting experience, the game doesn't really need a written story,  the atmosphere and location was the story.

If you don't mind I made a short let's play of your game.

Cheers and best wishes to you.      

Thank you :3


This game was really cool! I love trying to find out the full story for myself, and exploring the area to find information! 

Excuse me sir, I have downloaded your game but it doesn't work, it only gives me the blender file of the game, which I can only play in until I open the door to get outside, then, it stops working, can you please look up at this error I'm having?

Launch it with admin rights, it might help. You saw the best part of it anyway, so...


Really neat little experience, I wish the story elements were more fleshed out, they certainly drew me in! As it is it's a nice game, good job!

Great game, but would be even better if it didnt come with copyrighted music :(

Lol, more than a year ago it was a free sample on the


I really liked this game and i hope you enjoy the video


Ahoy-hoy! I loved this short and can't wait for more! You're right on target with the assets and atmosphere. Freaked me out in parts!

Thanks! That was cute and funny, I really liked your video. And yeah, the story is kind of misleading and crazy just like the author ^^


Glad you enjoyed it, Alexandre! I'm following your work. I see you doing really cool stuff in the future. :D

The game is a linux flag, but the game is not for Linux.

That's probably because of .blend source file. I hope I've fixed it. Thanks!

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This game was really cool, loved the music and the physics. If you want to see more of this game check out my video on youtube!


Hey I played your game, and thought it was AWESOME! I love the low poly art style.


Very pretty!

Unfortunately, while running Fraps, it would crash when switching scenes. So I just stitched them all together at the end. Probably BGE's fault.