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Really neat little experience, I wish the story elements were more fleshed out, they certainly drew me in! As it is it's a nice game, good job!

Great game, but would be even better if it didnt come with copyrighted music :(

Lol, more than a year ago it was a free sample on the


I really liked this game and i hope you enjoy the video


Ahoy-hoy! I loved this short and can't wait for more! You're right on target with the assets and atmosphere. Freaked me out in parts!

Thanks! That was cute and funny, I really liked your video. And yeah, the story is kind of misleading and crazy just like the author ^^


Glad you enjoyed it, Alexandre! I'm following your work. I see you doing really cool stuff in the future. :D

The game is a linux flag, but the game is not for Linux.

That's probably because of .blend source file. I hope I've fixed it. Thanks!

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This game was really cool, loved the music and the physics. If you want to see more of this game check out my video on youtube!


Hey I played your game, and thought it was AWESOME! I love the low poly art style.


Very pretty!

Unfortunately, while running Fraps, it would crash when switching scenes. So I just stitched them all together at the end. Probably BGE's fault.